Spantronics provides exclusive solar leads across all 50 states. We do not buy search traffic, which can often compete with our clients’ internal marketing efforts. We strategically leverage national media buys across direct response channels only. This ensures that consumers we reach are truly exclusive to our quoting process.


    Spantronics provides competitive solar leads in most states. We offer our clients the most profitable economics by offering highly qualified leads at a low price. By controlling the market the consumer shops in, we are able to create a “win win” situation for both the consumer and our clients.


    Spantronics can deliver live consumers over the phone to your sales floor. Working with several call center partners, Lead Genesis can deliver “hot” transfers at scale in all 50 states.
    We can implement custom scripting and pre qualifications to your standards…and offer our industry leading return policy as insurance on your investment.


    Spantronics can source appointment sits through its network of affiliated call centers. These appointments are guaranteed and are also offered in all 50 states.