Spantronics provides exclusive solar, home improvement and insurance leads across all 50 states. We educate consumers about solar power, energy efficiency, or home improvements across a variety of marketing channels, and then receive information from customers interested in getting solar. We ensures that consumers we reach are truly exclusive to our quoting process.


Spantronics leads are only delivered to you after contact and project information as well as interest in receiving quotes has been re-confirmed by our team. We take compliance and quality control seriously and have feedback loops to continually improve quality.


Spantronics can deliver live consumers over the phone to your sales floor. Working with several call center partners, Spantronics can deliver “hot” transfers at scale in all 50 states. We can implement custom scripting and pre qualifications to your standards…and offer our industry leading return policy as insurance on your investment.


Spantronics can source appointment sits through its network of affiliated call centers. These appointments are guaranteed and are also offered in all 50 states.

Connecting Your Business To The World

Through Ethical, Legal, and Professional Marketing Services

High Intend Leads. Each one of our contractor leads is an actual homeowner currently searching for a local contractor in real-time. These are opt-in homeowners that are ready to start their home improvement projects in the near future

Grow With Us. We are the largest private solar and home improvement leads provider in the US, so the sky is the limit for growing your top line for your contractor business.

Proven Data. Our system of home improvement data feedback loop gives us unmatched insight into thousands of contractor partners to learn how well home improvement leads in your area can & will convert to actual jobs

With combined decades of experience in both offline and online marketing models, our team has positioned Lead Genesis as a premium destination for high quality lead products. Our emphasis on quality control involves a strict internal verification process to filter out any non-qualified lead prospects. We control almost every aspect of the lead generation process…driving high quality traffic from our network to our own hosted offers and delivering through our technology platform.

Spantronics has been a market leader and innovator in the residential solar and home improvement space since 2014. We work with large providers, independent contractors, and everything in between. Spantronics sets itself apart by engaging in large scale national media buys. We buy media through channels that are simply not options for even our largest clients because of regional limitations. It is for that reason that we are able to target consumers that our clients cannot reach through their internal marketing efforts. We stand by our service by charging no set up fees and offering the most lenient return policy in the business.

Network and internally generated

Available in all 50 states

Exclusive and non-exclusive lead programs

Internal call verification for quality control

Delivered via email and custom post

Guaranteed with a return policy

Diverse Sourcing. We used a variety of proven marketing channels to generate our leads. Importantly, we are constantly testing and adjusting existing and new channels in order to provide you with a greater volume of qualified leads at a lower price. Our marketing channels include:

  • Websites and email campaigns
  • Search and display networks
  • Social media
  • Blogging and news networks
  • Call center (Employees of Spantronics)
  • TV and video
  • Grassroots and referrals
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